Thai Stock Market Roundup Oct. 11

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on October 11, 2018.

BGRIM inked the “PPA” to confirm “Phu Yen Solar’s” COD in June 2019 that will shoot revenue up by 20%!

FLOYD signed a 65 million baht construction contract with HomePro for mechanical and electrical work.

AOT had entered a joint venture with SAL Group (Thailand) to provide airport ground equipment support.

– Dr. Kulaya Tantitemit had stepped down from KTB’s director position.

WHA issued four series of debentures worth 3.5 billion baht for institutions and principal investors.

CMO revealed its 470 million baht backlog, expected 1.4 billion in revenue.

– A mysterious 20 million of PTT big lot had been sold at ฿51.25/share.

Bank of Thailand sent a signal of a rate hike, believed Thai economy to withstand.

GPSC faced blockage and GLOW’s share might sink further in the bloodied trade day.

Foreign investors poured in a huge selloff without a second thought for a total of 11.5 billion baht when combined with proprietary trading.

SET closed at 1,682.89 points, fell 38.93 points or 2.26% with 82.8 billion baht in total value. The fall of trading stock today is due to a panic attack from the fall of U.S. stock market yesterday in fear of inflation and rate hike.