Institutions Extend the Buying Streak with another ฿1.6Bn Net Buy, Buoying SET by 9pts

The total value of buying and selling separated by the investor's type as of May 27, 2020.

SET Index closed at 1,345.11 points, increased 9.02 points or 0.68% with a trading value of 78.6 billion baht. The analyst stated that SET Index closed inline with the regional markets and the ongoing European markets.

The market continued to trade on the positive sentiment over the reopening market and the potential vaccine for the virus. ECB planned a 1 trillion euro stimulus package for its members. Meanwhile, some countries started to open for travelling such as Germany was set to allow European travel in mid June.

In addition, the analyst expected tomorrow’s session to swing sideways with a support level at 1,330-1,320 points and a resistance level at 1,350-1,356 points.

– Local Institutions maintained the buying streak with another 1.6 billion baht, while Individuals made a net buy of 555 million baht.