Kaohoon’s Top News on December 29, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on December 29, 2020.

DELTA’s “shareholders” push the share price to an all-time high at Bt838 before hammering the share price down to close at Bt560, but the share price is still higher than other stocks in the market. SET’s President found no irregularities in DELTA, while the analyst stated that the fast-paced movement of DELTA distorted SET’s real movement in yesterday’s trading session, citing that Bloomberg Consensus estimated DELTA’s profit in 2021 to grow only 17% with a target price at Bt191. The company reported better earnings for its 9M20 financial statement, but its cash-on-hand remained at 12.3 billion baht, a slight decrease compared to the same period of last year.

– The analyst advised to “Buy the Dips” 13 high dividend-yield shares before year’s end, pointing that the real estate sector, especially SENA with a dividend yield of 8.1%, QH with a yield of 6.3%, AP at 5.9%, LH at 5.6%. Meanwhile, commercial banks are also recommended by the analyst. SCB with a dividend yield of 4.6%, TISCO at 4.1% and KTB at 3.6%.

BGRIM commenced its COD of a solar farm in Cambodia with a production capacity of 39MW. The company budgeted 50 billion baht for 2021 investments, expecting to record another 1,000MW production capacity next year. GUNKUL announced a COD of a solar farm in Vietnam with a production capacity of 50MW, while ACE commenced a waste-to-energy power plant with a production capacity of 6MW.

– The Board of Directors of STGT approved the change in dividend policy to pay dividend distributions to shareholders at least 50 percent of its net profit based on the company’s separate financial statements. Meanwhile, the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders approved the change of par value from the original value of THB 1 per share to THB 0.5 per share. The analyst expected the company to be traded in a new par value on January 4, 2021, giving a target price after a par split at ฿41.00/share with a dividend-yield at 12%.