Asian Markets to Follow Wall Street’s Footsteps into a Deep Road

Asia stocks opened mostly higher on Wednesday morning despite declines overnight on Wall Street, however, the markets started to fall after awhile. At 10:01 in Thailand. NIKKEI fell 27.06 points or 0.12% to 21,983.72 points. SSEC declined 10.79 points or 0.42% to 2,584.03 points. HSI downed 139.96 points or 0.55% to 25,206.59 points. ASX 200 […]

Thai Air TG971: Implicit Hostage Taking in Modern Thai History

Thai Airways flight TG971 from Zurich to Bangkok didn’t take off until its own pilots’ demands were met; their off-duty pilot friends had to be seated in ‘First Class’. The flight was delayed two and a half hours, but the cultural seed of the “shutdown” to force compliance of demands is a major factor of Thailand’s delay in developing the country altogether.

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