PLANB โตอย่างไร้ขีดจำกัด!

ถือเป็นก้าวย่างสู่การเติบโตอย่างยั่งยืนของ PLANB ที่ประกาศเซ็นสัญญากับ CPALL ในการลงทุนติดตั้งและบริหารพื้นที่สื่อโฆษณาภายในร้านสาขา 7-Eleven

PLANB Joins CPALL to Enhance OOH Media by Installing Digital Screens in 7-Eleven!

Plan B Media Public Company Limited (PLANB) has announced that the company has entered into an agreement to invest and manage advertising media in 7-Eleven (the Agreement) with the CP All Public Company Limited (CPALL), Thailand leading retailer. This Agreement granted the right for PLANB to install and manage digital advertising media in 7-Eleven. With […]

CPALL Reveals 4% Growth of Profit in 3Q18, Relieving Investors from Anxiety

CP ALL Public Company Limited (CPALL) has reported its 3Q18 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows: In 3Q18, CPALL and its subsidiaries’ total revenue was ฿130,552 million. An increase of 6.0% from the same period last year was mainly driven by higher sales revenue and service income of convenience store […]

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