CES 2019

This year, two events that became milestones in humankind’s technological progress will celebrate their fiftieth, and five hundredth year anniversaries, the moon landing, and the end of Leonardo Da Vinci’s career as one of the world’s most prolific thinkers and inventors. So, expect this year’s Consumer Electronic Show to be one of the most innovative, yet.

FAANG’s Falling. $1 Trillion Drop, So Far

FAANG’s fell from the bull's rush, and entered the bear's claws, leaving a trail of $1 trillion in capital losses compared to their combined 52 week high. Empirical data, statistical forecasts, and market corrections are parts that compounded to NASDAQ’s superstars’ descent. But, it's also a human nature thing.

Bangkok 2053

Though the light bulb has evolved to glow brighter and consume less power, Bangkok just seems to ante up the consumption of electricity. Like many of its residents, Bangkok likes to gamble with its future. Screens, big and small are prevailing as the wallpaper of daily existence, and the window to reality. LED displays light up the shadow under bridges that takes traffic over intersections.