Italy Death Toll of Coronavirus Overtakes China and Plans to Extend the Nation’s Lockdown

Italy Death Toll of Coronavirus Overtakes China and Plans to Extend the Nation's Lockdown

According to latest report, Italy already overtook China’s coronavirus death toll. The number of death reached 3,405 on Thursday surpassing the Chinese record which stands at 3,248.

The death toll jumped by 427 in the last 24 hours with an additional 5,322 confirmed cases, resulting total cases in Italy rose to 41,035. 

Italy has announced lockdown the country since March 12, 60 million people are allowed to travel only for work, medical reasons or emergency issues until April 6 while most commercial shops except pharmacies and grocery stores have to remain shut until March 25. However, the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told its local newspaper that the nationwide’s lockdown might be expended.

“At the moment it is not sensible to say anything else,” he told Il Corriere della Sera, an Italian newspaper “but it is obvious the measures we have taken – whether that be shutting down much of the country’s individual and business activities, or our actions regarding schools – can only be extended.”

Meanwhile in China on Wednesday was addressed no new infection cases for the first time since the outbreak, but has reported another 34 cases which described as a group who recently returned to the country. China now has a figure of confirmed cases at 80,967 with 71,150 recovered and 3,248 deaths.

Other European nations like Spain, Germany and France are also facing a severe virus spreading situation as the number of Covid-19 cases in those 3 countries exceeded 10,000 cases. Spain recorded a confirmed cases of 18,077 and a death toll  of 767, follow by Germany with the figure of 15,320 infected and France presently had 10,995 confirmed cases.

Iran still placed as the second country with the most coronavirus cases excluding China. The cases in Iran lifted to 18,407 with 1,284 deaths.

The United States has reported a total cases of 13,880 with the soared of 4,611 in the last 24 hours. And on Thursday California state governor has ordered entire state to stay at home.

While Thailand on Thursday the number of Covid-19 has jumped by 60 cases, totaling 272 and the death still stays at 1.  


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