TFG: Goes Global.!?

Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited (TFG) is a mid-sized enterprise with its principal business of producing and distributing frozen and chilled chicken and pork products. Regardless of its size, TFG distributes its products both domestically and internationally, highlighting street vendors and wet market merchants for the domestic market.


Despite being a mid-cap stock, TFG is always in investors’ eyes.    


TFG recently entered into a joint venture agreement with France’s largest integrated swine producer CooperL to form “Thaifoods Nucleus Genetics Company Limited” with the purpose of operating a great grandparent breeder swine farm (GGP) in Thailand. 


Interestingly, Japan and Southeast Asia were TFG’s largest trading partners, but now has expanded its business to other continents.   


The GGP is expected to be complete by mid-2021 with an initial 3 breeds of pigs including Piertain, Large white/Yorkshire and Landrace before breeding and selling to farmer customers both domestic and neighboring countries.  


TFG has been in a partnership with CooperL since 2018 after jointly developing technology including know-how for swine house and equipment. TFG is also a swine import-agent working with Nucleus, a subsidiary of CooperL.


Overall, TFG has yet to fully open the door to European market, but initially, TFG will be able to access the French know-how, increasing the valuation for swine business and expanding opportunities for the international market.

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