Kaohoon’s Top News on March 4, 2021

MRTA announced the private sectors’ opinion hearing for a draft request for proposal, and draft concession contract of MRT Orange Line Project (Bang Khun Non – Min Buri (Suwinthawong) Section) worth 122,067 million baht, with specific selection criterions. The total score of 100 points will be divided into technical proposal 30 points and investments and  profits proposal 70 points.

STEC came on too strong to attend the auction even if BTS doesn’t participate in it, and also expecting to subcontract whoever wins the bid (CK).


 A low profile investor “Mongkol Prakitchaiwattana” is interested in investing in ZMICO, seeing a bright future for the company after “Rathian” became major shareholder and Chairman of ZMICO. Value investors suggest to eye on “ZMICO” in the matters of issuing and offering digital tokens for the purpose of investing in property as it could affect the REIT. The share price of ZMICO yesterday edged higher by 7.88% despite being put on a Cash Balance measure. 


 BPP expects the acquisition of a 1,000MW gas-fired power plant in the US to be done in the first half of this year. Also plans to invest in non-oil energy projects with a combined installed capacity of 200MW within 2021 to increase its current production capacity to 5,300 by 2025.   


 MINT confirms a rebound in 2021, expecting an improved revenue compared to the year 2020 as tourists will return in the second half of this year. While Minor Food has already bottomed out and back to the pre-Covid-19 levels. However, MINT cut its investment provision from 10 billion baht to 5 billion baht. 

Currently, the company has 25 billion baht cash in hand, targeting to book 10-15 billion baht in 2Q-3Q from a hotel expansion. 


 THAI reported a net loss of more than 140 billion baht in 2020, leading the SET P/E ratio spiked 40x. The Set Index yesterday surged 40.04 points with an overwhelming trading value of 118 billion baht in response to economic recovery. 


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