China Likely to Enforce Zero-COVID Policy amid Fresh New COVID Outbreak

Chinese health officials eyes infections are to increase with residents in Northern China placed under strict lockdown

COVID-19 infections are reportedly to increase in the coming days in China, according to a health official.

Wu Liangyou, an official at the National Health Commission at a briefing said imported delta variant cases is the root cause for the current outbreak.

Tens of thousands of residents of Northern China were placed under strict stay-at-home orders on Monday as authorities are on a race to contain the current outbreak.

According to Channel News Asia, residents of Beijing were advised not to leave the city unless necessary although regular transport services out of the cities continued as normal.

Chinese authorities on Monday reported 39 new cased drawn from the tally of latest delta variant linked outbreak to more than 100 cases over the past week.

China has been maintaining a zero-Covid policy and a new outbreak could further throw global economic recovery at question with economies around the world are battling fueling inflation.

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