RATCH Raised 4.1% in 2Q to Earn ฿2.1 Billion of Profit

RATCH revealed a 2,131 million baht profit in 2Q18, shown the raised of 4.1% from the same period of last year.

Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding Public Company Limited or RATCH has announced its 4.1% profit in 2Q18 consolidated financial statements through SET.  

RATCH gained 2,131 million baht profit in the second quarter of 2018, increased by 83 million baht, or 4.1%, compared to the profit of 2,048 million baht in the same quarter of last year.

The significant reasons of this increase were the profit of Hongsa Power Company Limited (“HPC”), a joint venture, in a portion of 40 percent increased in the amount of Baht 320.61 million. While RATCH was able to render the sale and service costs by 187 million baht. The costs decreased to 1,588 million baht from 1,775 million baht in the same quarter of 2017.