CENTEL Grows 20% in 3Q18 to Reach ฿441M. of Profit from Food/Hotel Business

Due to higher revenue from food and hotels business, CENTEL booked ฿441.75 million of profit to its 3Q18 statement.

The performance of 3Q18 was better because of the total revenue increasing to 441.5 million after revenue of the food and hotels units increased.

CENTEL booked ฿441.75 million of profit in 3Q18, an increase of 19.86% YoY due to the rise in total food business revenue of ฿3,111 million, an increase of ฿350 million or 12.7% from 3Q17, and the 2,210 million of hotel business revenue, which increase by ฿91.3 million or 4.3% from 3Q17.