Thai Stock Market Roundup February 13, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on February 13, 2019.

KCE’s 2018 profit fell by 21% to ฿2.01 billion due to low income and higher expense.

IRPC’s profit plunged 32% to ฿7.73 billion from stock loss, while the Board of Directors announced a dividend payment of ฿0.09. The ex-dividend date is on February 26, 2019.

SF reported a decline of 2018 profit by 10%, offered dividend share and ฿0.10 in cash.

DNA announced a change in the company’s name and symbol to “More Return” or MORE.

OISHI reported 10% of profit growth for 1Q18-19 from food business expansion.

III invested more than ฿500 million to acquire 50% of “Around Logistics”. The deal was expected to be completed in March.

OCEAN established two subsidiaries in Thailand and Singapore to support its business expansion.

HMPRO invested ฿100 million to develop “TOTAL HOME SOLUTION”.

EA invested ฿1 billion to develop electric ferry, aimed to start its operation by the end of this year.

AOT’s profit in 2018 edged higher by 2.51% to ฿6.38 billion.

Local Institutions continued its buying streak for another ฿3.7 billion, while Proprietary Trading also added another ฿770 million to their portfolio.

SET closed at 1,655.73 points, rose 13.24 points or 0.81% with ฿45.3 billion in value. The impact from trading of major shares in the market such as PTT and AOT buoy the market greatly. Moreover, Asian markets absorbed positive sentiment from the US overnight, hoped that the trade deal between the US and China would end soon.


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