Thai Stock Market Roundup February 25, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on February 25, 2019.

SISB’s 2018 profit jumps 5 times from ฿18 million to ฿103 million due to an increasing number of students.

WHAUP hit a record high, made ฿2,252 million of profit in 2018 and offered a ฿0.2115 dividend.

SPCG’s 2018 profit edged higher to ฿2.6 billion, offered a ฿0.65/share dividend, XD March 11.

EGCO reached ฿21.1 billion of profit in 2018, increased 78% from higher sales revenue, announced a dividend payment at ฿3.50/share, XD March 11.

TIGER’s 2018 profit went up by 6% to ฿89 million, offered a dividend payment at ฿0.10/share, XD March 11.

FORTH’s profit soared 94% in 2018, proposed ฿0.30/share dividend.

MBK gained 57% of profit in 2018 from ฿1.84 million to ฿2.88 million due to higher income from malls and hotels.

ROBINS’s 2018 profit grew 7% to ฿2.94 billion, offered a dividend payment at ฿1.35/share.

COM7 reported 47% growth in profit, proposed ฿0.50 dividend, XD May 7.

KGI recommended COM7 with a target price at ฿26.00/share after a report of 47% growth in profit.

AAV admitted eyeing to take NOK from “Jurangkul”, but no signing agreement as of now.

SMM announced a capital increase for business expansion and liquidity improvement.

– Seeing positive commitment from trade talks, Local Institutions scooped ฿3.09 billion worth of Thai shares while Individuals sell the rips for ฿3.32 billion.

SET closed at 1,671.75 points, jumped 12.55 points or 0.76% with ฿56.6 billion in value. Asian markets including SET closed in positive territories after receiving the news regarding the delay in imposing tariffs on Chinese goods from the U.S. President Donald Trump while asserted that if things continued in a productive way, he would meet with the Chinese President Xi Jinping to close the deal. SSEC had the highest gain since 2015, closed the day with a jump of 157.06 points or 5.60%.


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