Thai Stock Market Roundup April 30, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on April 30, 2019.

HMPRO’s sales and rental income pushed its 1Q19 profit up by 14% to THB 1.42 billion.

FORTH acquired 49% in a new joint venture to focusing on implementation and testing machine performance

AEONTS reported its 2019 fiscal statement, showed 18% growth from business revenue and bad debt recovery.

COMAN invested 51% in consulting services for hotel management business with ROOMZ.

– Analysts recommend BUY “SCC”, gave a target price as high as ฿548/share.

CHAYO plunged 16.05% as rumors of a selloff from Private Placement to take a profit of 30% circulated.

CK showed a backlog worth THB 50 billion while setting a target to reach THB 30 billion in revenue this year.

EPCO aimed for a new high of revenue in 2019 from printing business and a total of 555 MW power plant.

TKN rose 3.85% to close at ฿10.80/share after focusing on penetrating the international market.

MAJOR’s share price increased by 3% to welcome the Avengers Endgame trend with the possibility of gaining the highest profit in five years.

BGRIM made an all-time high after the share price jumped by 4.65% to ฿33.75/share.

Institutions, Proprietary Trading, and Foreign Investors had made a net buy for a total of THB 1.84 billion while Individuals sell the rips after days closing in negative territories.

SET closed at 1,673.52 points, rose 6.84 points or 0.41% with a trading value of THB 44.8 billion. Amid the plummet of major indices in Asia after hearing that China’s PMI had missed the target, SET and SSEC closed in positive territory. Moreover, the market was buoyed by the new economic stimulation for the industrial, real estate, retail, power plant sector.


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