MINT Plans ฿40bn Capital Spending to Increase Hotels, Residences, Restaurants Ownership

MINT Plans a ฿40bn Capital Spending to Own Hotels, Residences and Restaurant through 2023.

Mrs. Jutatop Adulbhan, Vice President for Investor Relations Department of Minor International Public Company Limited (MINT) has stated on August 19, 2019, that most of the new investment of MINT will be for the construction of new hotels by a capital spending of about 40 billion baht.

To continue with its sustainability in the business with an expectation of 15% of net profit growth per year through 2023, MINT planned to own 630 hotels by the end of 2023 from the current existing of 520 hotels. The number of residences were expected to rise to 250 in the period from 132 while restaurant outlets to jump from 2,268 to 4,400.