Individuals Net Buy Thai Shares for ฿2.9bn, Keeping SET Afloat by 0.5pts

The total value of buying and selling separated by the investor's type as of April 3, 2020.

SET Index closed at 1,138.84 points, increased 0.57 points or 0.05% with a trading value of 59.7 billion baht. The analyst stated that the market was moved by the energy sector in response to the news of Saudi and Russia reaching an agreement. However, the trading during the session fluctuated after Russia denied the report.

The analyst expected a recover in the market next week from the inflow to SSF, giveing a support level at 1,133 points and a resistance level at 1,177 points.

Local Individuals kept the SET Index afloat with 2.9 billion baht of net buy.