Kaohoon’s Top News on November 18, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on November 18, 2020.

SAWAD and GSB jointly invest in auto-title loan business with a credit of 200,000 baht per unit and an interest rate of 18%. Meanwhile, the analyst expected the move will impact the non-bank sector, especially to the bottom line in 2020 to go down by 1%. As for MTC, the company expressed no concerns regarding the matter, expecting no impact to the refinancing.

BTS and BEM are expected to receive positive factors from easing coronavirus measures in Thailand. BTS reported a recovery of net profit to 765 million baht in FY2Q20, increased 72.5% from the previous quarter, while BEM reported a net profit of 822 million baht in FY3Q20, increased 440% from the previous quarter.

SUPER expected to commercialize the operation of its solar power plant projects with a total capacity of 550MW in Vietnam within 4Q20. The COD would drive SUPER’s operating revenue to a new high, while the executive stated that SUPER’s revenue would grow 15-20% this year. The Board of Directors also approved a disposal of 50.99% stake in SWEC1 in Vietnam to book 272 million baht.

MINT revealed that the performance in 4Q20 will have a better direction from the previous quarter. Also, the company expected this year to reduce expenses by approximately 35% from the previous year or approximately 40% of this year’s expense budget while emphasized having Bt30.0bn in cash on hand, with a credit limit of Bt25.0bn, including a reduction of investment budget to Bt4-5bn per year.

KTC expected 2021 net profit to soar above this year’s profit as the analyst revised up net profit forecast by 3-4% due to a better outlook in “Pee Berm”, which is expected to expand its portfolio over 1 billion baht.