Kaohoon’s Top News on December 15, 2020

Top news from Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper to start the trading day on December 15, 2020.

SPCG expected to rise to Thailand’s number 1 in solar farm business with a total production capacity of 1,000MW within 2026 after joining hands with PEA and ENCOM to invest 23,000 million baht in a 500MW solar farm in EEC.

A 300MW of the project was expected to be a commercial of date in the third quarter of 2021 along with its first revenue recognition, pushing its revenue in 2021-2022 by 6,000-7,000 million baht.

JMT’s profit is expected to reach a new high in 4Q20 with an increase of 46% in 2020’s profit, mainly contributed by an increase in NPL business. Meanwhile, SINGER’s 4Q20 is also expected to perform outstandingly from its car title loan business with an estimated profit in 2020 at 442 million baht. The analyst raised JMT’s target price to ฿35.50/share and SINGER’s to ฿21.00/share.

GUNKUL green light to invest Bt1,.47bn to send subsidiary “Bright Green Power” to buy 100% stake in INT which invest 50 MW of solar farms in Vietnam, pushing power plant capacity in Vietnam to 160 MW.

– The Bank of Thailand (BOT) signaled that an NPL is expected to rise at year’s end after the termination of temporary suspension of debt payment in October. The central bank advised Thailand’s commercial banks to make a decision to extend the suspension measure or recording as a bad debt. Meanwhile, SCB asserted that the company was not affected by the rising of NPL.

– The analyst expected AEONTS and KTC to benefit the most from the 50-50 (half-half) measure by the government in year’s end in anticipation of higher credit card usage for buying gifts and other products that joins the government 50-50 measure.