JKN Clears the Air as Full 2-Month Lease for “New 18” Turns to be “40%” of the “Full”

JKN Clears the Air as Full 2-Month Lease for “New 18” Turns to be Only “40%” from the “Full”.

JKN Global Media Public Company Limited (JKN) has announced that according to the letter of the Stock Exchange of Thailand dated 10 March 2021 requesting the company to clarify the facts from the news that appeared in various media recently, the company has stated its clarification as follows;


Following the matter of NBTC to investigate ‘New 18” regarding 24-hour time rental to JKN. If violated, the penalty is to suspend the license.

JKN has clarified that the company is not a publisher and provider of such news. The news presented above does not match the fact that the company did not enter into a 24-hour rental contract, but it was a short-term contract with DN Broadcast Co., Ltd. (DN), who is a licensee to use the frequency spectrum and operate television business to provide digital terrestrial television service in National business service type with news and article category via channel “New 18” with license number B1-S20031-0020-57 (license) issued by the Broadcasting Commission of the National Television and Telecommunications Business (Office of NBTC) in the form of a lease of not more than 40% and co-production of the program.

In addition, the company stated that this is a normal business operation of the company and complies with the rules of the Office of the NBTC in all respects.


The request by SET came after Mr. Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, Chief Executive Officer of JKN, wrote in a Facebook post saying that “กัญชงแท้เจ้าแรก เจ้าเดียวของไทย + 18 แบบ 24 ชั่วโมง = ทะลุเพดาน ตำนานรวยของโคตรรวย,” which can be translated to “The first and only hemp seller in Thailand + 18 for 24 hours = through the roof and the legend of super rich.”


As it turned out, the company had joined DOD Biotech Public Company Limited (DOD) to develop and produce hemp-related product, which is expected to be able to start selling products around the 4th quarter of 2021, through television (New 18), online media and able to purchase 24 hours a day, in line with today’s changing consumer behavior.