Kaohoon’s Top News on April 29, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on April 29, 2021.

In 1Q21, PTTEP reported a net profit of 11.534 million baht, increasing 37% as selling price rebounded, along with a recognition of gain from Oman Block 61 Project. PTTEP expected the average sales volume for the full year of 2021 to be approximately 405,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Meanwhile, SCC had a net profit of 14,914 million baht, up 114%, mainly from an improving contribution of cement-chemical business and shared profit from JV.

Additionally, analysts has given a “BUY” recommendation on SCGP with a new target price of ฿58.00/share in anticipation of a strong jump in earnings and revenue.


Thai Chamber of Commerce said there are 2,629 private companies who wish to secure the coronavirus vaccine for their combined 921,000 employees at their own expense. While the CCSA reported yesterday (April 28) that currently about 1.27 Thais have already received a vaccine, accounting to an average of 20,000 daily doses. 

Analysts said Thailand’s daily cases have passed the peak, recommending buy on stocks with outstanding 1Q results such as SCC, PTTGC, KSL, TMT and NER. While pointing out that BCH, BDMS and CHG will be the most beneficiary from Covid-19 vaccine roll-out.


ASW kicked off its first ever trading day by beating the IPO to close at ฿9.85/share. At present, ASW has a backlog of more than 7,800 million baht and set to book additional 5,000 million baht this year, which could drive a full year revenue to grow by 20%. The company also planned to launch new 6 projects worth 10,850 million baht within 2021. 


TIDLOR will offer and allocate up to 75,000,000 newly issued ordinary shares to retail investors or will earn an average of 1,000 shares per person.


New fresh IPO PROEN to begin trading today (April 29) in  mai. Analysts expected the share price could reach beyond the IPO price of ฿3.25/share. The company’s CEO Mr. Kittipan is confident that PROEN will get a great response from investors as it is a tech stock with high growth, and the revenue in 2021 is estimated to grow 20% YoY. He further stated that the company aims to expand services to cover Cloud Service and SD-WAN, as well as cyber security. Analysts gave a target price at 3.40-3.79 baht per share.