SCGP Acquires 85% Stake in Spanish Medical Supplies-Labware to Catch Healthcare Trends

SCGP acquired 85% stake in Deltalab, a Spanish medical supplies and labware specialist, to catch healthcare trends.

SCG Packaging Public Company Limited (SCGP) hereby announced the signing of a share purchase agreement to acquire an 85% stake in Deltalab, S.L. (Deltalab), a medical supplies and labware specialist located in Spain. Transaction details will be released upon completion in the third quarter 2021.


This is executing on the global megatrends such as preventive healthcare and aging of the society, both of which require laboratory diagnostic testing. The related healthcare and medical supplies industry is a rapidly growing segment, with an estimated market size of US$26 billion (approximately 8.1 hundred billion baht) in Europe and US$48 billion (approximately 1.5 trillion baht) in Asia Pacific.


SCGP’s core is in consumer solutions, and Deltalab leverages it forward to the medical supplies and labware segment that is focused and sophisticated, with customized precision. This transaction elevates SCGP’s customers and products portfolio and enriches its global services capabilities, while adding synergy to its existing production related fundamentals.

It also further establishes the essentials for SCGP’s future expansions in the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific healthcare and medical supplies industry, with projected growths of approximately 7-9% annually. Longer term, this transaction allows SCGP the footprint to accelerate its higher growth and higher value-added prospects.


Deltalab is a recognized European manufacturer and distributor of high quality medical supplies and labware, with over 15,000 SKUs and annual output of 250 million pieces. Products range from liquid containers and tubes for vacuum system, blood collection tube, microtubes and flexible plates for real time PCR, various types of pipettes for liquid handling and cold (cryogenic) storage system for vaccine and molecular biology among others (product catalog: Some of these products are exported to over 125 countries.

In 2020, Deltalab recorded revenue of 72.7 million Euro (approximately 2,800 million baht) with assets of 54.3 million Euro (approximately 2,100 million baht) at the end of 2020.


SCGP is committed to fulfil the changes of preferences towards sustainable packaging trend globally and also offering products ranging from fiber-based packaging to performance and polymer packaging and other diversified solutions, with facilities in over 40 plants across Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 22, 2020, SCGP has a current market capitalization of approximately $7.7 billion (240,000 million baht).


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