RBF to Take Full Advantage on Hemp Licences for Endless Business Opportunities

With three hemp licenses on hand, RBF has endless possibilities for its expansions and integrations on the business.

R&B Food Supply Public Company Limited (RBF) is one of the companies with a potential of continuous and consistent growth each year due to its food technology business that is catching up with current global trends.


The company recorded a net profit of 323 million baht in 2018, 352 million baht in 2019 and 519 million baht in 2020, while reporting a 75 million baht of profit in 1Q21.

As for the share price, RBF is considerably one of the high capital gain stocks, having 560% growth in share price since its initial public offering in 2019 at ฿3.30/share.


RBF continued to expand its growth after acquiring three types of hemp licences that cover its operations from upstream to downstream. With these three licences on hand, its hemp-related business can make a full advancement to penetrate Thai and international markets.

The only thing that RBF is lacking is the licence of imports, but will be simply solved by seeking hemp seeds in the market, which should not be hard to find. One of the listed companies in the Thai stock market also has an import license as well. The rest of the production procedure should be a smooth sail as RBF also specializes in extracting Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).


RBF will also take an advantage on the pricing from being among one of the first producers in the market, which could have a high margin and fewer competitions.

The company has plenty of customer base from the food business, let alone future expansions and integrations to cosmetic, herb and other products.


The production for RBF’s hemp-related product is expected to start in the fourth quarter this year, which might be the beginning of the new S-Curve.


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