NOK to Partially Cease Operations on Certain Routes under Force Majeure

NOK announced that the company will cease operations in some routes due to force majeure from 1 August 2021.

Nok Airlines Public Company Limited (NOK) has announced that the partial suspension of operations due to force majeure as instructed under the Declaration of Emergency Situation in all areas of the Kingdom of Thailand and the requirements issued under Section 9 of Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations B.E. 2548 (No.28) dated 17 July 2021, limiting the movement of people and public transportation as well as according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) announcement on the operation for Airport and Airline operators during the current Covid-19 pandemic situation (no.3), it is officially prohibited for passenger flight operations in certain restricted areas, and strictly prohibiting for passenger flight operations in Red areas, from 21 July 2021 until end of the situation or further announcement.


NOK stated that the company try to utilize all remedial measures and hope that the situation will recover to normal soon. As the situation still has not recovered, the company needs to partially suspend some businesses due to force majeure from 1 August 2021. However, the company will still operate partially for some routes as much as we can to support all necessary passengers’ travel needs. The passenger who needs to travel can check for NOK’s current operation routes at When the emergency situation changed, the company will report to The Stock Exchange of Thailand.

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