TusPark WHA Partners with Chulalongkorn to Jointly Develop Innovation Ecosystem

TusPark WHA partners with Chulalongkorn School of integrated innovation for research and development collaboration.

Thailand’s first TusPark WHA, as an Innovation and Incubation Center in downtown Bangkok, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation (ScII) to jointly engage in enhanced collaboration efforts in the field of Science and Technology. The aim is to promote cooperation among students, startups and businesses, specifically in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, and provide a nurturing environment for research and innovation. 

Representing a strategic alliance between the business and education sectors, the MoU was signed by Mr. Vivat Jiratikarnsakul, Chief Operating Officer – Industrial and International, WHA Industrial Development Public Company Limited and Director of WHA TUS Co., Ltd; Mr. Francis Chang, CEO of WHA TUS Co., Ltd., and Prof. Dr. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Executive Director, Chulalongkorn School of Integrated Innovation

The 5-year collaboration aims to create an innovation ecosystem that will promote the exchange of knowledge and information, as well as promote joint research projects and joint development of entrepreneurial ventures in three areas: New Technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics or others; Advanced Manufacturing and Industrial Practices including technologies and innovations that can transform, digitalize, and optimize manufacturing operations; Human Resources Development including studies and projects involving training and development, and various topics such as entrepreneurship, management or others. Both parties will also explore the possibility of collaborating and funding of potential innovative business ventures incubated by ScII and/or TusPark WHA. 

For ScII students, this collaboration will provide invaluable opportunities to participate in internship programs with WHA Group and TusPark WHA, apply their knowledge and skills in real life work environments to enhance their learnings. They will work on actual pain points experienced by the real sector, in order to train them to analyze problems, research and propose solutions for the company’s consideration. TusPark WHA will also offer working spaces in its Incubation Center for ScII students assigned to special projects or business ventures incubated by ScII. As such, the students or business ventures will be able to benefit from the various value-added incubation services, soft landing services or other acceleration programs TusPark WHA is offering to its tenants.

During the signing ceremony, Associate Professor Dr. Natcha Thawesaengskulthai, Vice President for Strategic Planning, Innovation, and Global Engagement, Chulalongkorn University, said: “This partnership not only meets WHA Group and TUS Holdings’ ambitions, but is also synchronized with our School of Integrated Innovation’s course specialization, providing unparalleled and invaluable partnership opportunities for our organization, as well as potential synergies between Thailand and China. This collaboration shall involve academic resource sharing, training, exchange programs, internships, and other activities aimed to create impactful and sustainable innovations that have potential to scale up to Asia Pacific level.”

“Our partnership lays the foundation for training and human resources development for our students and all our stakeholders, among the others in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Artificial Intelligence, and Management. As such, I am extremely pleased to see that some of our most talented incoming third-year students have already benefited from this partnership by taking a two-month summer internship in the newly created joint-venture TUS – WHA here in Bangkok, as well as in WHA Group,” Prof. Worsak Kanok-Nukulchai, Executive Director of ScII said.

“Thailand’s industrial sector is undergoing a digital transformation,” said Mr. Vivat Jiratikarnsakul. “We welcome the opportunity for TusPark WHA to be part of ScII’s journey in developing future human resources in technology and innovation who are equipped with the necessary competencies to revolutionize the way factories and workplaces function, to become increasingly more efficient, connected and environment-friendly. We hope this collaboration with ScII will encourage the exchange of knowledge, as well as promote innovation projects that could help the country transition towards Thailand 4.0.”

Mr. Xiaowei Ma, Executive President of TusHoldings Co., Ltd. said: “As a leading company in China’s science and technology service industry, TusHoldings strives to expand and deepen exchanges and cooperation with the Thai government, universities, enterprises and other sectors. Through this collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, the oldest and most prestigious university in Thailand, we aim to assist in the development of Thailand’s innovation ecosystem and enhance the science and technology cooperation between China, Thailand and ASEAN countries.”

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