Thailand’s July Exports Expand 20%, while Imports Jump 25%

Thailand’s exports upbeat for three consecutive months, in line with the ongoing global economic recovery

Thailand’s exports expanded 20.27 percent year on year to USD 22,650 million in July 2021, demonstrating continuous expansion for three consecutive months, according to the Thai Commerce Ministry reported on Monday.

A healthy growth momentum was consistent with the ongoing global economic recovery, owing to the best performing goods, which included agricultural products (i.e. cassava, fruit, animal foods, and instant meals), as well as the Thai market’s turnaround.

Excluding commodities such as oil and gold, and also armament, exports from Thailand in July jumped 25.38 percent to USD 22,467 million, while imports for the same period increased 45.94 percent to USD 22,467 million, resulting in a USD 183 million trade surplus.

For the first seven months of this year (Jan.-Jul. 2021), exports totaled USD 154,985 million, an increase of 16.20 percent, while imports were USD 152,362 million, an increase of 28.73 percent, resulting in a trade surplus of USD 2.622 million.

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