BEYOND Appoints Hotelier-Financial Expert “Kamonwan Wipulakorn” as Managing Director

Mrs. Kamonwan Wipulakorn will spearhead the company's strategy plan, guiding it toward a more focused path and establishing a stronger BEYOND business

Board of Directors of Bound and Beyond Public Company Limited (BEYOND) announced the appointment of Mrs. Kamonwan Wipulakorn as a Managing Director after the company previously announced the investment in two world-famous hotels. Mrs. Wipulakorn will spearhead the company’s strategy plan, guiding it toward a more focused path and establishing a stronger BEYOND business.

There are ongoing movements for Bound and Beyond Public Company Limited or BEYOND, which has altered its focus from energy and utilities business to hotel business. The Company quickly announced the appointment of a respected female executive with extensive experiences in the hospitality business with finance background as new Managing Director, together with an experienced team that will support her direction and policy. 

The Chairman of the Executive Committee, Mr. Tommy Taechaubol, stated, “The company is more than ready to go forward into the hospitality business, beginning with a rebranding of our company and increase of investment to 100% in two well-known hotels, Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and Capella Bangkok. The Company believes this is a time to position our business to be more stable, innovative, and successful. Therefore, we have recruited real estate and hotel professional to be part of BEYOND so that the company is ready for upcoming future investment”

Mrs. Kamonwan Wipulakorn mentioned, “I have seen the potential of BEYOND from working with the company for a while as the Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and a member of the Audit Committee. As the MD of BEYOND, I will focus on determining the company’s strategy and steering the Company to stronger and more sustainable growth. BEYOND’s future growth strategy will emphasize “Customer Centricity” as well as providing an exceptional experience that exceeds customers’ expectations at any price point.

Mrs. Wipulakorn will assume this role on October 15th, 2021. She is hospitality industry veteran who has worked for many large national organizations including The Erawan Group PCL and Origin Property PCL, as a key leading executive in charge of strategic planning and development of numerous successful projects that became the talk of the town.

BEYOND shares are in the process of reclassification from Resource industry and Energy & Utilities sector, which is the original business, to Services industry and Tourism & Leisure sector.

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