EKH Invests ฿165Mn in “The Klinique” to Expand the Business and Boost Long-Term Growth

EKH makes a 165 million baht investment in "The Klinique Medical Clinic" in order to expand the business and bring long-term value to the company

Ekachai Medical Care Public Company Limited (EKH) announced that the Board of Directors’ Meeting held on 28 October 2021, had the resolution on approval of preferred shares purchase in The Klinique Medical Clinic Public Company Limited (CLINIC) by entering into a transaction to purchase ordinary shares from the TKQH Capital Management Company Limited (TKQH), a current shareholder of CLINIC, in the amount of 16,000,000 shares with a par value of THB 0.50 baht or 10 percent of the paid-up capital in CLINIC with a total value of THB 165,000,000 in this acquisition.  

CLINIC operates the business of providing skin services cosmetic surgery and viewing modern holistic health according to medical principles, including skin disease treatment service  Beauty skin, weight loss, body care, surgery, wellness and health rejuvenation.

The company will enter into a share purchase agreement related to CLINIC after being approved by the Board of Directors’ meeting.

EKH expects this acquisition to create added value for the company and shareholders of the company in the long term, as CLINIC currently operates 29 branches and is in the process of expanding more branches in the future.

In addition, the Board of Directors meeting have considered that entering into such transactions is reasonable and will be beneficial to the company and its shareholders because CLINIC has a good performance. Moreover, it was transformed into a public company in preparation for listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The acquisition of such shares is an important opportunity for EKH to expand the business base which is in line with the company’s policies and goals and such projects will generate returns, the growth rate of assets, profits and cash flow to the company and shareholders of the company continuously.

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