Suspicious ‘Package’ Will Escalate Global Tensions

Suspicious packages sent to Soros, Clintons, Obama, and Time Warner building are being treated as threatening apparatuses. The intentions of those behind the devious deliveries are yet unknown, but the repercussions from these phantom parcels will heighten political tensions, and will exacerbate the already divisive political climate around the world.

New York Police evacuated the Time Warner Center Wednesday morning when a suspicious package was intercepted by employees of Time Warner mail room. NYPD bomb squads have mobilized explosive containment explosive units, and are treating the packages as serious threats.


According to CNN, earlier on Monday this week, the estate of billionaire investor and major Democrat donor, George Soros received a suspicious package that turned out to be an explosive device. The package was found in a mailbox by an employee of the estate. The employee placed the package away from the residence’s proximity and alerted the police.

Within two days later, similar packages addressed to the residence of the Clintons, and Obamas were intercepted by security screening teams in Joint Base Bolling in Washington, DC. Another package believed to be meant for CNN headquarters in New York has also been confirmed as serious, and real threats.

News of another similar package en route to the White House has been confirmed as inaccurate.

The explosive packages, later identified as “rudimentary, but functional pipe bombs”, has sounded the alarm for tightening security vigilance nationwide. At a time when political tensions are already at a state that calls for concern, the synchronized threat towards the US’s major political figures will propagate increased sentiments of fear and suspicion, and will further diminish global stability.


The world is being bombarded with bad news after bad news. New disputes are emerging as important cooperation have been sunk. Unresolved grievances will likely be silent by this new blare of explosive devices. Then this current urgency will probably be trumped, then the next, until the ante reaches its critical point, and nations will fold.

However, nothing is yet for sure, and probability work both ways. Each news of threats, each new horrible incident, are also, news that can result in greater resolve of good people, each horrific incident, an opportunity to prove human decency prevails.


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