PLANB Joins CPALL to Enhance OOH Media by Installing Digital Screens in 7-Eleven!

Plan B Media Public Company Limited (PLANB) has announc …

Plan B Media Public Company Limited (PLANB) has announced that the company has entered into an agreement to invest and manage advertising media in 7-Eleven (the Agreement) with the CP All Public Company Limited (CPALL), Thailand leading retailer.

This Agreement granted the right for PLANB to install and manage digital advertising media in 7-Eleven. With an investment more than 3,000 million baht, PLANB plans to install digital advertising media for 2,000 branches within 2020 and targets to expand up to 3,000 branches at least countrywide depending on market demand to maximize return from this project.

PLANB plans to install the digital advertising media at three locations in 7-Eleven; 1) Above the beverage freezer. 2) Above food freezer and other beverage. 3) Above the shelf of other displayed products. All three locations are the best spot to catch customers attention.

In addition, CPALL is the operator of 7-Eleven which covers 12,000 branches countrywide with more than 15 million customers per day as well as more than 50 million transaction bill per day. CPALL is also expanding 7-Eleven services in various ways to meet customers demand, such as bill payment, cash withdrawal, insurance, package delivery etc.

Thus, the investment with CPALL is a very important opportunity for PLANB to bring out its full potential as a leading OOH advertiser to create a synergy between the two companies that can understand and meet customers demand.

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