Institutions Dress Portfolio with an Additional ฿4.5bn of Net Buy, Buoying SET by 4.5%

The total value of buying and selling separated by the investor's type as of March 25, 2020.

SET closed at 1,080.03 points, increased 46.19 points or 4.47% with a trading value of 75 billion baht. The analyst stated that SET Index posted a soaring session in the morning after the U.S. was reportedly near the deal of $2 trillion stimulus plans to fight impact from the coronavirus outbreak. Then, the market surged again in the afternoon session after a report of reaching the deal.

As for the virus outbreak, China seemed to be able to contain the contagion while South Korea began to report a low number of cases, giving hopes to the market that the outbreak, though severe in a short-term, would not last long.

The support level for tomorrow’s session is 1,050 points and the resistance level is 1,100 points.

Local Institutions extended their portfolio with an additional 4.5 billion baht of net buy, supporting SET Index to close higher by 4.47%.

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