RBF Expects 12% Growth in 2021 on Food-Ingredients Business and Effective Cost Management

Mr. Somchai Ratanapoompinyo, Chief Executive Officer of R&B Food Supply Public Company Limited (RBF), projected the sales revenue to increase 10-12%, mainly from the continuous growth in manufacturing and distributing of food ingredients.

Even with the prolonged coronavirus outbreak, the company estimated a better development this year and expected to maintain the performance at a higher level.

In 2020, the revenues from operations of the company were 3,172.08 million baht, which increased by 307.42 million baht or 10.73% compared to the year 2019, which the revenues from operations was 2,864.66 million baht.

Selling and administrative expenses were 632.13 million baht, equaled to 19.93% of the total revenue from operations. Selling and administrative expenses of the company decreased by 6.98 million baht (YoY -1.09%) compared to the year 2019, which selling and administrative expenses were 639.11 million baht or 22.31% of the total revenue from operations.

The Board of Directors of RBF had a resolution to pay a dividend payment of ฿0.15/share to be paid on May 19, 2021. The ex-dividend date is April 29, 2021.

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