SISB: Slowly Turning into an Ideal School

The share price of SISB Public Company Limited (SISB) became lively as the new semester in 2021 draws near after a change of event last year from the coronavirus outbreak.


The overall performance last year was considerably quite okay for the company, which acted promptly to adjust the teaching to online instead even though the company would record lower revenue as SISB decided to discount the tuition fee from unused facilities during the outbreak.


Thus, when the semester returns to normal, so does SISB’s revenue.


What’s more, SISB seems to come up with a bigger plan this year other than the expansion of its school in Thonburi for another 600 capacity and the construction of Nonthaburi Campus.


Mr. Yew Hock Koh, Chief Executive Officer of SISB, revealed that the company is planning an M&A deal to acquire nursery schools for kids from 6 months to 3 years old. The deal is expected to complete in 3Q21.

This strategic move will give SISB an edge over its competitors as other international schools normally open from kindergarten to high school. Moreover, a wide range of educational stages will satisfy parents demand as well.


Normally, parents would not want to keep changing schools for their children if the current school satisfies their need while keeping children happy. A familiar environment and companions for a child would be ideal.

This is why SISB’s advancement into nursery school will satisfy the parents.


Tuition fees and services income, education equipment income and other income will keep adding to SISB’s recurring income, not to mention the entrance fees and 5% yearly increase in tuition.


Now, SISB operates 3 out of 4 educational systems, consisting of nursery and kindergarten, elementary school and high school. The only one left is the university education.

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