“Ever Given” Is Partially Afloat, Giving the Opportunity to Dislodge the Vessel

The massive container vessel blocking the Suez Canal has been at least partially refloated, stated the Suez Canal Authority.


Operations to clear the path for one of the world’s most important trade arteries have taken a successful step early Monday, March 29, 2021, after the vessel has been partially afloat, giving the opportunity to dislodge the ship with 10 tug boats.


The ship has been blocking the passage since last Tuesday, resulting in more than 450 vessels being stuck at the port. The route is a conduit for about 12% of world trade.


According to the report, Ever Given has a damaged hull and it is not clear how soon it will be able to clear the way for other vessels to pass. Meanwhile, other vessels have diverted to the longer route around the southern tip of Africa, causing further delay for global supplies.


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