SABINA Keeps Track of 3 Factors, Aiming for 100% Recovery for 4Q Sales

SABINA Keeps Track of 3 Factors, Aiming for 100% Recovery for 4Q Sales

Sabina Public Company Limited (SABINA) revealed that on its radar are three vital factors that will affect sales in this year’s last quarter, namely the spread of COVID-19, mutation and vaccine development progress, including the trade and investment war between China and the U.S. and domestic political turmoil. SABINA is certain that if these three factors remain in manageable levels, its 4Q sales will make a 100% comeback compared to the current 90% rebound. 

At the same time, the management are delighted that SABINA’s shares have been listed on the FTSE Micro Cap, the calculation of which will start on 18 Sept. SABINA admits that recently, a flow of interested foreign investment funds have been requesting its information.


Mr. Bunchai Punturaumporn, CEO of Sabina Public Co., Ltd. (SABINA), disclosed that after braving the COVID-19 outbreak crisis which affected business in the recent period, SABINA must closely monitor its sales through various channels on a monthly basis. It was found that in 3Q spanning July to August, SABINA’s sales trend improved gradually. 

As a result, the sales through various channels for Q3 this year has already bounced back by 90%. Another key factor aside from the lifting of lockdowns in order to resume economic activities is how SABINA’s products meet customer demands, particularly in terms of quality and pricing which are in line with the income of today’s consumers.

“Regarding the 90% sales rebound, it was owing to how our product pricing matches customers’ income, leading to easy access as well as purchase decision. As for the 9.9 promotion in September, SABINA products swimmingly achieved sales targets via the online channel, becoming the top-selling products on leading online platforms like Lazada and Shopee, flying off the shelves in Thailand as well as Vietnam. 

However, the chance of 4Q sales which is the final bend of the year to make a 100% recovery depends on three factors that we are keeping a close watch on, namely the second and third waves of COVID-19 infections including mutation and vaccine development progress. The next factor is the tense U.S.-China trade war affecting global investments. 

The last factor is the local political situation with the upcoming highlight being whether the rally on 19 September will bear fruit. If all three factors remain under control, SABINA believes that a 100% sales rebound in the last quarter would be highly possible,” Mr. Bunchai said.


The CEO of SABINA added that the entry of the company shares into the FTSE Micro Cap Index which will be first calculated on 18 September is a great achievement. Although this Index does not add significant weight to investment in SABINA’s shares, it does reflect that SABINA’s shares are coming under the spotlight among institutional investors and foreign investors. SABINA admits that institutional and foreign investors have been continuously requesting its information because in this investor group’s decision-making, apart from placing importance on industrial trends as well as SABINA’s growth potential, they also consider the operation’s sustainability principles including good governance. 

This is the latest good news about SABINA’s ranking in Thaipat Institute’s ESG100 2020 list for the most outstanding sustainable shares (Foundation for Thailand Rural Reconstruction Movement (TRRM) Under Royal Patronage). 


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