An Improving Revenue from Sales of 178% Pushes SKY to Book a Profit of ฿23Mn in 3Q

An Improving Revenue from Sales of 178% Pushes SKY to Book a Profit of ฿23Mn in 3Q

Sky ICT Public Company Limited (SKY) has reported its 3Q20 consolidated financial statement through the Stock Exchange of Thailand as follows;

SKY recognized the 3 months revenue for 3Q20 amounting to 986.9 million baht, decreased by 961.2 million baht or 49.3% compared to last year. In turn, the Company’s net profit in terms of the parent company is 23.2 million baht, decreasing from the same period of the previous year 147.6 million baht or 86.4%. This is due to the Company having completely delivered a big project and recognized revenue in 3Q20. However, SKY has partially delivered and recognized revenue from big projects this year.


For 9 months, SKY has net profit amounting to 68.3 million baht decrease by 183.6 million baht. This is a result of the increasing expense and the decreasing of sharing profit in this quarter.


Revenue from Sales, amounting to 52.1 million baht, 5.3% of total revenue, increased 33.3 million baht or 177.9% from last year. This is the result from the Company and Subsidiaries start expanding to the private sector. So, the revenue in 3rd quarter 2020 was mainly from the products sold to customers in the private sector such as the equipment for Controlled Access Security System (CASS), Close Circuit Television (CCTV), Power Backup Machine (UPS) and the IP Access Network equipment.


Revenue from providing service, amounting to 191.0 million baht, 19.4% of total revenue, increasing 164.1 million baht from last year.

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