Kaohoon’s Top News on March 1, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on March 1, 2021.

– BTS refuses to compensate BEM in any case if the company acquires the concession contract for Yellow Line extension. Meanwhile, MRTA has been ordered to conduct the impact assessment of Yellow Line extension on Blue Line. At the same time, BEM has reported a declining net profit of 2,051 million baht, a decrease of 62% YoY, still, offered a dividend payment of 0.10 baht per share.


– CPF rejoiced with its 2020 performance, reporting a net profit of 26,022 million baht, an increase of 41% YoY with an EBITDA of 81,692 million baht, growing 72% YoY. Sales revenue was 589,713 million baht, a 11% growth YoY. The company has approved a dividend payment at the rate of 0.60 baht per share to be paid on May 28, 2021. The ex-dividend date is May 17, 2021. Analysts expected Tesco and swine business in China to boost CPF’s 2021 earnings by 10-20%.


– JMART reported an overwhelming net profit of 271 million baht in 4Q20, an increase of 76% YoY, resulting in full-year earnings of 798 million baht, up 49.5% YoY, furthermore, the firm has approved a dividend of 0.24 baht per share. Meanwhile, ASIAN broke its record with 818 million baht net profit, skyrocketing 516% YoY, offering a dividend both stock and cash at the rate of 1.05 baht per share.


– BGRIM delivered a 21% growth in 2020 normalised net profit to 2,617 million baht, driven by  an increase in operating capacity by 162MW led to a surge in total generation growth of 6%. Also, announcing the final dividend payment from the 2020 performance of 0.30 baht per share.


The Royal Thai Army set to propose the 30,000MW mega solar farm development project with the investment budget of 600 billion baht to the Prime Minister directly within this month (Mar.), affirming that the project will help lower the electric bill, as well as stimulating the Thai economy. 


6 companies with outstanding 2020 operating results; RS’s earnings grew 45% YoY to 528 million baht, SICT’s earnings increased 41% YoY to 34.4 million baht, IIG’s earnings surged 36.22% YoY to 62.77 million baht, JKN’s earnings jumped 24% YoY to 312.4 million baht, ICHI’s earnings expanded 26.5% YoY to 515 million baht, and YGG’s earnings rose 16% YoY to 56.6 million baht.     

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