Kaohoon’s Top News on March 10, 2021

JKN’s share price spiked nearly 12% yesterday (March 9) following a mysterious Facebook post “hemp+18 = very extremely rich” on Anne Jakrajutatip’s official page, driving a trading value of more than 2,700 million baht. Analysts believe the SET will call “Anna” to clarify this issue as the Securities and Exchange Act indicates that no person shall inform or certify any information that is likely to have an effect on the price of securities or the decision making on securities investment.


BTS petitioned the Prime Minister to suspend the new PPP selection process of MRT Orange Line until a judgment is made. Meanwhile MRTA has made an urgent announcement, citing that the case status is disposed.


SCB is ready to return a dividend payment if Bank of Thailand won’t release additional measures after April, 2021, affirming a strong financial position of Tier 1. For the 2021 business plan, SCB will cut the cost by 10% YoY.


Analyst projects the petrochemical and chemical stock sector to grow 668.3% this year and followed by the construction sector. Also highlights 10 stocks that have solid fundamentals, high beta, and stronger growth with 2021 EPS growth over 32% such as PTT, GULF and BBL, stating that according to statistics, in the years with market earnings growth over 30%, SET Index rallied 20% on average.  


The Supreme Administrative Court ordered NBTC to refund the license fee of 151.7 million to Tim TV Pool and to return the bank guarantees for the 2nd -6th installment within 60 days from the final action.

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