SCN Jumps 14%, Ensuring No Impact on Minbu Solar Farm Operation despite Myanmar Coup

The share price of Scan Inter Public Company Limited (SCN) rose ฿0.28/share or 13.86% to ฿2.30/share as of 15:58 local time in Thailand, with a trading value of 101 million baht. Reached its peak at ฿2.52/share, an increase of ฿0.50/share or 24.75%.


SCN confirmed that its renewable energy business in Myanmar is still able to continue its production and operation despite military coup, moreover, the solar power plant project in Minbu still generates revenue to Green Earth Power (Thailand) Co. Ltd., (GEPT) normally.  


The 220MW Minbu Solar Power Plant is sponsored by 4 companies, including SCN (40%), Noble Planet Pte. Ltd. (28%), ECF Power Co., Ltd. (20%) and Meta Corporation Pcl. (12%), located in Minbu, Magway Province, Myanmar. The consortium has signed a 30-year PPA with the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE). The project phase I commenced the COD in September 2019, while phase II is scheduled to commence the COD by the end of this year. 

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