Kaohoon’s Top News on July 12, 2021

Top news from “Kaohoon Turakij Newspaper” to start the trading day on July 12, 2021.

Asia Plus Securities (ASPS) lists best 18 stocks with strong earnings that tend to outperform the market as lockdown fears subside, including DOHOME, SPVI, JMART, PLANB, COM7, JMT, IVL, PTTGC, MINT, TFG, GPSC, SAWAD, GULF, and AEONTS. Meanwhile, stocks in electronic, petrochemical, financial, and construction sectors rebounded on July 9 following the lockdown declaration, amid a continuing surge in covid-19 cases and a vaccine effort that remains far behind plan. Thailand had only provided the first doses of Covid-19 vaccination to 9.28 million people as of July 11.

Analysts recommend keeping an eye on Asia Aviation (AAV) as the company announces a temporary suspension of domestic flights beginning 12 July 2021 until 31 July 2021 in support of Thailand’s Covid-19 containment efforts. Also, Bangkok Airways (BA) temporarily cancels five routes between July 13 and July 31 as part of the Covid-19 restrictions. Meanwhile, Nok Airlines (NOK) will continue operating, however travelers can modify their bookings.

In the second half of this year, Autocorp Holding (ACG) will continue to expand its business of selling auto components and providing maintenance services, or Fast Fit. The company anticipates reporting its second-quarter operating results in early August, with an outstanding earnings expectation.

Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) reveals the technical results of pilot community power plants that there were 95 qualified candidates out of a total of 246 submissions. TPC Power Holding (TPCH) acquired 8 projects, while UAC Global (UAC) was awarded 2 projects. 

Thai Union Group (TU) closed 5.74% on Friday (July 9) in anticipation of a positive estimate for 2Q21 profits. The company anticipates an 11% growth in net income to 1,921 million baht, bringing the company’s earnings in the first half of this year to 3,724 million baht, or a 36% gain. Analysts projected a 0.39 baht interim dividend payout, citing a favorable outlook for the remainder of 2021 due to a weak Thai baht.

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