Thai Stock Market Roundup Dec. 4

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on December 4, 2018.

NPPG announced of the resignation of Mr. Suppachak Trairatanobhas from the Executive Chairman and elected Mr. Chirdsak Kukiattinun to take the position instead.

EASTW revealed that due to more rain than usual, the company’s revenue was stable at ฿4.3 billion. As for the plan in 2019, EASTW will invest in development of water-selling system in EEC.

SENA issued ฿1 billion debentures for major shareholders and institutions.

EIC’s shareholders approved on the ฿317 million capital increase to takeover Bake Cheese Tart.

Prayuth’s cabinet sent ฿17bln. Father Day’s gift to remedy rubber planters.

Foreign investors saw the chance to buy as indiviiduals poured ฿6.3 billion back to the market.

SET closed at 1,672.32 points, skidded 0.29 point or 0.02% with ฿46.6 billion in total value.


Top 10 Most Impact Shares on December 4, 2018