Thai Stock Market Roundup Dec. 7

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on December 7, 2018.

GULFWHAUP Began its Natural Gas Distribution to PTT for 10-year revenue recognition.

– Pimauma Jakrajutatip, the fourth major shareholders of JKN, had sold 1.3% of her shares on JKN.

B invested ฿30 million to buy 12% of Moonshot Venture’s shares to make use of the technology to further its business.

RATCH invested ฿2.7bln. to hold 26% in Indonesia Hydroelectric Power Plant, booking 21-year of income.

GPSC made a leap in solar power business by investing ฿3 billion to further its development.

– The Court dismissed “Juti”’s petition against the case of SEC unlawfully allows SISB to sell IPO.

TEAMG signed SRT’s consultancy contract to manage Bang Sue Central Station area.

BGRIM set 2019 target to achieve ฿40 billion in revenue, having five power plants to be commenced next year.

TRC signed ฿267 million contract of the construction of manhole and underground duct bank on Rama 3 Road with MEA.

– Individuals were on a roll to buy the dips, while foreigners and institutions combined in ฿1.66 billion selloff

SET closed at 1,649.99 points, sank 3.74 points or 0.23% from the selloff of bigcaps with ฿35 billion in total value.

Top 10 Most Impact Shares on December 7, 2018