Thai Stock Market Roundup January 8, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on January 8, 2019.

U claimed “Glamford” to advance in international hotel business operation.

STEC signed a ฿1.4 billion project to construct office & commercial building.

– The trading of DCORP was high for a second day due to SEC removed its share from “Cash Balance”.

– Brokers recommended “Buy” TIGER at a target price as high as ฿5.40/share after the share fell five days straight.

SUPER tested the water by announcing fund offering date without SEC’s confirmation.

FORTH acquired electrical equipment installation worth ฿48 million.

– Cabinets approved free visa extension for foreigners to April 30, 2019.

Institutions and individuals rescued SET with 1.4bln. buy to close in positive territory.

SET closed at 1,594.00 points, increased 1.28 points or 0.08% with 35.6 billion in value. The stock shook around noon after Samsung announced that the company has lower operation profit, but the surge from Thai major shares pushed the market to close higher.