CAZ Rebounds to Close Flat on the First Trading Day after a Heavy Dive in the Morning

CAZ closed flat on its first trading day at ฿3.90/share, the same price as its IPO with a total of ฿174 million in value.

CAZ (Thailand) Public Company Limited (CAZ), a subsidiary of Takuni Group Public Company Limited (TAKUNI), closed flat at ฿3.90/share, the same price as its IPO and also the highest price of the day on its first trading day in mai. The surge of buying came in the afternoon after the share plunged as much as ฿3.60/share in the morning session. The total value of CAZ in today session was ฿174 million.


CAZ provides services for engineering, procurement and construction and Fabrication works in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Energy, Power plants. Its services can be categorized into 4 scopes as follows:

  1. Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
  2. Structural Mechanical Piping and Electrical and Instrument Service
  3. Civil Construction Service
  4. Fabrication and Other Service