Thai Stock Market Roundup February 14, 2019

A short summary to inform you of what had happened in Thai stock market on February 14, 2019.

– “Bualuang Fund” acquired more of PR9’s shares to hold 5% in total.

SAAM lost 19% of profit in 2018 from higher expenses while offered ฿0.025 dividend.

NOK aimed for route expansions after acquiring ฿2.3 billion from capital increase.

CHO was confident on continuing growth in revenue after booking income from NGV maintenance, while aimed to open more 24hrs. maintenance centers for 10-wheel trucks.

PTTOR joined “Thai Smile” to start serving “Amazon Coffee” on the plan, starting on 4Q19.

ZEN announced a handsome win on IPO subscriptions, while targeted to open 340 restaurants in two years.
Constitutional Court had accepted an appeal to considered dissolving Thai Raksa Chart party, which caused a sudden plummet to Thai stock market.

Foreign Investors poured THB 2.4 billion, while Individuals left the market with THB 537 million selloff due to an uncertainty of political issues.

SET closed at 1,652.64 points, fell 3.09 points or 0.19% with THB 45.8 billion in value. The stock market went up and down since opening bell due to worry of the decision of Constitutional Court on whether to accept an appeal to consider dissolving Thai Raksa Chart Party or not. Around 15:00 after a report of acceptance, the market went down to 1,650.42 points. The indices were able to recover a little but could not close in positive territory.

Tomorrow will be the last day of high-level trade talk between the US and China if no extension. A report may or may not come out within trading hours, but a quick tweet from the US President Donald Trump will give investors a hint on how the talk goes.


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