RAM Splits a Tasty Fruit at an “Affordable” Price

It is time that average investors will be able to hold RAM in their hands at an affordable price after the change of par value.

Ramkhamhaeng Hospital Public Company Limited (RAM) is one of the most pricy shares in the Thai stock market. The price is so high that average investors would not dream of holding even a small portion of RAM.

Now, the time has finally come. It is time that average investors will be able to hold RAM in their hands as the company is aiming to change its par value from ฿10.0/share to ฿0.50/share for the purpose of increasing the liquidity of RAM’s shares.


The change will increase RAM’s shares by 20 times from the existing 15 million shares to 300 million shares. On the contrary, the price of RAM will decrease by 20 times as well. The price that is as high as ฿3,800-฿4,000/share will be reduced to the range that average investors will be able to afford at the price around ฿190-฿200/share.

The phenomenon of par value change to ฿0.50/share occurred after Synphaet Hospital Group, Vibhavadi Hospital Group and allies took over Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited (BDMS) of Prasert Prasarttong-Osot’s group as major shareholders while holding 20 times more shares than they used to. It is much easier now to split some portion of RAM for sale.


RAM is considered one of the strongest fundamental company in the market. The company has proven how strong it is with constant profits from its reported financial statement. In 2016, RAM reported THB 4,411 million in revenue with THB 1,138 million of profit or 26% of net profit margin. In 2017, the company accounted for THB 4,629 million in revenue with a profit of THB 1,327 million or 29% of net profit. In the previous year, RAM recorded THB 6,044 million in revenue with THB 1,896 million of profit or 31% of net profit margin.

A sweet taste of fruit at the top branch on a tree pretty much represents RAM’s shares, but now that there is someone who bends down the branch then it is time to get a taste of that fruit.