5 Investment Themes to Face a Fluctuated Market before the Election

5 investment themes to face a fluctuated market before the election.

As Thai stock market faces volatility before the election on March 24, 2019, Asia Wealth Securities analyzes that Thai stock market tends to rally 1-2 days before the election according to the data history of the previous four elections. After the election, data shows that it has a tendency to trade lower.

Thus, Kaohoon has collected investment strategies for investors to invest on at the last corner before the election.


1) Low-fluctuation 1L2H stocks, with low beta (less volatile than the SET), high upside, and high 2019 EPS growth.

2) Domestic Play – Contractor, construction material and industrial sector which would be benefited from big projects, invested by private and government such as STEC (FV@฿29.25), SEAFCO (FV@ before XD ฿12.40 / after XD ฿11.30), SCCC (FV@฿269), AMATA (FV@฿35.70), WHA (FV@฿4.89)

3) Stocks with high net profit and more than 10% upside such as energy-petrochemical sector: PTT(FV@฿56), PTTGC(FV@฿79), power plant- renewable energy sector: BPP(FV@฿28.50), construction material sector: SCCC(FV@฿269), TPIPL(FV@฿2.04), Hospital sector: BDMS(FV@฿30), BCH(FV@฿21), agriculture-food sector: CPF(FV @฿31.50), TFG(FV @฿4.50), property sector: PSH (FV@฿22.50), QH (FV@฿4.10) and CPN (FV@฿92.00)

4) Stocks that make a turnaround in 2019

5) Stocks related to global oil prices such as PTT, PTTEP, and PTTGC still have not responded to the rise of global oil price which may have been because of a short sale continuously since the beginning of 2019 until present. These shares are believed to have a short covering after a correction.