Worldwide Supports Pour In after the Heartbreaking Incident at Notre-Dame Cathedral!

Global supports poured in after the fire incident that destroyed the 850 years old Notre Dame Cathedral. Macron promised five years for a much more beautiful version of Notre Dame.

More than 48 hours have passed since the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral was engulfed by fire which destroyed the medieval wooden roof, and later the iconic spire. Currently, the building is on the process of surveying by the expert team after the fire has stopped for the cause of this fire incident.

The President Emmanuel Macron of the French Republic said the rebuild of Notre-Dame Cathedral could be done in five years and it will be more beautiful than the old one. This is a national project which provides a chance for their people to work together.

Impressively, there are many countries and companies around the world, such as the Kering group (Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent), LVMH group (Louis Vuitton and Sephora) and L’Oreal, offer to help in the rebuild and fund for the Notre-Dame cathedral shortly after the fire occurred.

Additionally, Air France states the free flight ticket will be provided for anyone who involved with the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral. Believe it or not, the reconstruction will be soon finished and the Cathedral will become more beautiful and attractive as the promise of the French president with very good supports from people around the world.