GULF – The Century Stock

GULF has had an outstanding performance and a lot of attention from investors which made it the “Century Stock” or a ฿100 share.

Within one year and four months after its first trading day, Gulf Energy Development Public Company Limited (GULF) has had an outstanding performance and a lot of attention from investors which made it the “Century Stock” or a ฿100 share. A well strategized plan to recognize its earning from selling electricity has made this achievement as the beginning of becoming a stock with three-digit share price.


A lot had happened along the way to being the “Century Stock”, including being included in MSCI, FTSE Russell and SET 50 which are well accepted and respected indices used by both domestic and international institutions.

Being included in world standard indices has made international institutions poured in to continually buy GULF’s shares  to the point that not having GULF in the portfolio is considered an out-of-trend institution.


GULF is likely to have a positive factor from Laem Chabang Phase 3 Project.

A short-term positive factor for GULF is the high possibility of winning the Laem Chabang Phase 3 Project, in which the company had joined PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) and China Harbour to bid for the project. Judging from the reputation of GULF and its allies,  competitors like NPC Consortium is still far behind from catching up with the big brother. Moreover, the new PDP may come with a bidding for two IPP power plants with 700 MW installed capacity in 2019. Again, GULF has the potential to win these biddings as well.

Analysts estimate that if GULF wins the bidding from PDP, it could account ฿7 per plant to its share price.


Not to mention five other Hydroelectric Power Plant Projects in Laos that could account around ฿6-7 to GULF’s share price if only it could acquire at least two projects.

In the meantime, Oman Oil and Kuwait Petroleum International established a joint venture company to construct new refinery complexes in the Duqm Special Economic Zone, Oman. They also plan to develop the petrochemical industry even further which will require 500-1,000 MW of electricity.

The plan for development gives GULF plenty of opportunities to expand its capacity to the developing area. To make it easier, GULF’s share price accounted ฿2.00/share from every 300 MW of capacity expansion.


With these much opportunities, mentioning GULF as a 100 baht share may be an underestimation to this mighty company.