COMAN Invests 51% in Consulting Services for Hotel Management Business with ROOMZ

COMAN invested 51% in consulting services for hotel management with ROOMZ

Comanche International Public Company Limited (COMAN) reported the approval of new business investment under the name, Roomz International Company Limited (ROOMZ) by entering to pay for 40,798 ordinary shares at shareholding of 51% of registered capital of ROOMZ. The first ordinary share payment will be 37.5% of its par value of Baht 100 amounting to Baht 1.53 million, and the remaining shall be paid in the future upon a request from ROOMZ regarding cash flow used in operation

ROOMZ provides a tourism business and consulting services for hotel management. COMAN expects the investment in ROOMZ supports the Company to expand its revenue base from ROOMZ’s operation, leading to increased value for shareholders of the Company in the future.